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Over the last 20 years, La-neesh has earned a reputation in Mumbai for providing unique and innovative solutions to surfaces. No other store carries such a large selection of designer surfaces. For projects large and small, we’re here for all your supply needs. Give us a call.

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Inspired from Santorini Islands in Greece, Santorini is our base finish. Simple and elegant,   the finish brings a whole new dimension to simple white walls. The natural lime white color of the material with an array of texture finishes makes for a classy and minimalistic surface.



Corsioca is our coloured stone finish. It can be made in any colour the designer wants. Corsioca finish has a natural dual tone which is reminiscent  of the wall finishes found in European towns and villas.



Stonelite Concreto does not just look like actual concrete but also feels like it due to the various processes applied on it to achieve different textures and finishes of concrete. With the strength of concrete and the flexibility of applying it on any surface, Stonelite Concreto is like concrete but better.



Elegance is the key defining feature of the finish. With no joints and a matte finish, Travert is one of the best finishes possible through stonelite. Stonelite Travert is most frequently used in building facades and lobbies to give the design the extra touch of class it deserves.



Stonelite Brico is one of our most popular finishes. Get the aesthetics of brick without its shortcomings. Stonelite Brico can be applied on any surface including curved walls. The brick size and texture can also be adjusted as per the designer’s requirements. It is by far the most realistic and design friendly brick finish.



Our newest series, Stonelite Metallo is challenging the usual aesthetics of concrete, brick and plain plaster walls. With Stonelite Metallo, get a seamless metallic look, which not only looks trendy but is also longlasting.

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