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La-neesh was founded in a small studio apartment in South Mumbai in 1998 by Mr. Ketan Gandhi. Mr.Gandhi left a flourishing Interior Design practice and started a company which imported design products to India. The bug or the problem which Mr. Gandhi found as an Interior Designer was that there was a gap in the quality and variety of design products available to the Indian designer. Which is why it became his lifelong mission to find unique and innovative design products and empower Indian designers to make unique and innovative designs.

La-neesh had a humble start with selling art frames and other décor items which eventually led to becoming one of the first companies to introduce wooden flooring to India with La-neesh Quick Step. Over the course of years, La-neesh has made a name for itself as the go-to company for innovative and unique products in the design industry, with emphasis on surface solutions.

Today La-neesh has completed more than 1000 projects ranging from wooden flooring in bedrooms to stucco stone surfaces on the exteriors of 30 story buildings. We have worked with some of the most renowned architects and builders of India and we will keep the list growing. But we don’t wish to stop there, our goal is to become the leading design products vendor in the world.

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