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Stonelite can be applied on exteriors as well as interiors. Its durability allows it to work well in extreme conditions. Stonelite’s self-adhesive properties also allow it to be applied on almost all materials including metal, glass, etc.



In exteriors, Stonelite offers a durable and designer solution to building facades making them more resistant to climate and natural factors. It can also be applied in villas, making yearly maintenance costs of the villa negligible when it comes to the exterior facades. Stonelite is also an alternative solution in balconies as it is weather and water resistant.



Stonelite is flexible enough to be applied on multiple surfaces in interiors as well as exteriors.  Its self-adhesive properties allow it to be stuck on walls, floors, and even ceilings. It provides a unique solution for bathrooms and even furniture surfaces such as shutters and table tops.



Stonelite’s self adhesive properties allow it to be applied on almost all surfaces made of any material including metal, glass, etc.

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